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A Versatil and Effective Solution


Three services making up a complete cycle

To provide a global service, ARTECO has established a vertical relationship with the intention  of covering  the upstream stages for products which are predominantly made of plastic.  Working together with ARTE, a leading plastic injection mould and die manufacturer.

 Despite the fact that the three firms still operate independently, together the companies offer "turnkey" solutions, right the
way through from the conceptualization of an object to the delivery of an initial run, with guaranteed quality
throughout and minimizing the information loss that normally derives through three independent efforts.

Such is our understanding of what a global project should do: link together the stages of a project which
normally have somewhat ambiguous boundaries and thus offer a single solution, aimed at safeguarding our
clients from management problems.

ARTECO was founded to satisfy a need that had been detected by ARTE: to fill the gap between the industrial design and construction of a mould.

To such ends, the ARTECO technical team, specialists in developing projects for plastic injection parts, develops the product engineering and
provides solutions which facilitate the construction of the mould and optimize production runs. ARTECO employs advanced technology such as
rapid prototypìng to achieve its goals.

Arteco-Arte has leading edge production resources with a total of 14 work stations (CAD-CAM)  and latest generation production equipment
comprising machine centres, wire and electrospark erosion units, etc..

ARTE's exactingness, technique and experience in the construction of moulds stand as a guarantee to this new engineering service.
The coordination of the work between the two firms guarantees efficiency and, as a member of ASCAMM it is able to supply moulds with
official approval certification.

Below is a listing of just some of the companies we work with:

Airtecma, Alcatel, Audi, Avellanet, Balay, Casals, Citroën, Dynamit, Ford, Frape Behr, Hitachi, Hewlett, Packard, Honda, Iberfashon, Mai, Mery, Movilfrit, Peguform, Peugeot, Philips, Renault, Rocal, Seat, Sony, Telesincro, Trilla, Valeo, Volkswagen, etc.